Convenient access to prescription medications

Close to home and the only pharmacy in Stowe, 拉莫耶健康药房 helps you take care of your health with the prescription medications you need — whether you’re a Lamoille健康合作伙伴 patient or you get your care somewhere else.


  • New prescription fills and existing medication refills
  • 从其他药房转移的处方
  • Select over-the-counter medications and health-related necessities
  • Pharmacist consultation for any of your medication questions
  • 免费处方递送通过美国.S. 邮政服务


As the only Federally Qualified Health Center in Lamoille County, we purchase prescription medications at a lower cost and pass the savings onto our Lamoille健康合作伙伴 patients.


在斯托有一个便利的正规网赌软件在哪里下载, the 拉莫耶健康药房 saves you travel time and the hassle of going out of your way to pick up your medications. We’re the only retail pharmacy in the neighborhood.


我们的 pharmacy is integrated and connected to all the Lamoille健康合作伙伴 providers and offices, so your entire care team can give you whole-person care personalized to your needs. Talk to our pharmacist anytime for questions about your medications or referrals to care providers.


我们的 进行药物治疗——辅助疗法 program is designed to help individuals focus on recovery from substance use disorders with the help of FDA-approved medications, 哪一种可以在我们的药房配药.


Whether you prefer to pick up your medications at the 拉莫耶健康药房 in Stowe or have them delivered to your home for free, you can choose the option that works best for you.


How do I get a prescription filled or refilled?

If you’re a Lamoille健康合作伙伴 patient, your provider will send your new prescription electronically to the 拉莫耶健康药房 where you can pick it up. 无需纸张! 该续杯的时候,点击 补充要求 或致电(802)494-4108.

If you get your healthcare somewhere else, tell your provider to choose 拉莫耶健康药房. You can pick up your medications conveniently at our Stowe location. 只要找药房的招牌就行了.

How do I transfer my prescriptions from another pharmacy?

If you fill your prescriptions somewhere else, simply click the 转会申请 and transfer your prescriptions to our convenient Stowe location 或致电(802)494-4108 and speak to our pharmacist.

I am a Lamoille健康合作伙伴 patient – Do I have to use your pharmacy?

No. But most of our patients save money on their medications when they fill them at 拉莫耶健康药房.

Do I have to be a Lamoille健康合作伙伴 patient to have my prescriptions filled here?

No. We’re pleased to fill medications for everyone in the community. Simply ask your provider to choose 拉莫耶健康药房 when ordering your prescriptions.

Do you stock all of my prescription medications?

我们是一家提供全方位服务的药房. We stock most medications, including brand and low-cost generic drugs. 如果我们没有你的药, we can usually order it for arrival on the next business day. Most of our patients save money on their medications. Because we’re the county’s only Federally Qualified Health Center, 我们享受特别折扣, which we pass onto Lamoille健康合作伙伴 patients.

What if I have a question about my medications?

拉莫耶健康药房 offers personalized consultation with our experienced, 博士层次药剂师. 你可以随时进来问问题.

I have some medication allergies – Do you have that in your records?

It’s always best to let your care provider and your pharmacist know about any medication allergies. 网赌软件下载ios版的病人, the pharmacist can access your medical records and double check your information. 要查看你的药物清单, 按照这里的说明操作.

What if I can’t remember which medications I need?

The pharmacist will have a record of all medications filled through our pharmacy and those prescribed by Lamoille健康合作伙伴 providers.

你有什么保险计划? 如果我没有保险怎么办?

We accept Medicare, Medicaid, and many commercial insurance plans. 如果你没有保险,我们的 Lamoille健康合作伙伴 社区健康小组 可以帮助您.

What happens if my insurance requires a prior authorization for my medication?

We can work with your insurance company to request authorizations for medications.

你们提供免费送货到家吗? 我该如何开始?

If you prefer to have your medications mailed directly to your home, 我们提供通过美国的免费送货服务.S. 邮政服务. Ask your provider for an enrollment form or fill out the form at home and bring it to your provider or to the pharmacy: 注册表单


Currently, vaccines are offered through our 网赌软件下载ios版 practice. 打电话预约.



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